How Much Of An Affect Space Weather Has On Us

The issue of what goes on in space may be seen as not of much importance due to the fact that we have not had any space occurrences seriously affect the human race. Despite this, the issue of how space weather could potentially affect not only Earth, but us as well and may escalate to more than we have experienced prior.

One instance where space weather impacted us was during the year 1989 where power was lost throughout Quebec. This was the outcome of solar flares. Another instance was more recent in 2012 where a big solar flare was observed to miss us by a mere 3 months. There have been similar incidents where certain areas were specifically affected due to space weather that are significantly minimal compared to what some specialists believe could eventually take place if a large flare was to actually come into contact with us. Ben Davidson is one of many researchers who believe that the global power grid could be completely melted down due to solar flares.

Davidson is an independent researcher who focuses on scientifically observing climate change, one of his main focuses being on space weather. He has developed an easily accessible disaster prediction app that provides people the knowledge on whether space weather will have an a major or minor affect and whether or not it will affect their area or not. The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) does the same thing on a much larger scale. Along with this, they have resources at their disposal and are currently working on ways to prevent any serious space weather occurrence from impacting us.



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