How to Publish on the Course Blog

  1. Log into the course blog with your Bard credentials.
  2. On the very top of the page, hover over [+ New] and select “Project” from the drop-down menu. (Other options on this menu include, “Post,” Media,” “Page” and “User” – do not select these.)
  1. On the “Add New Project” page enter a title for your project. You can be creative with this, but it should contain your name at the end (i.e.: “Sorry (not Sorry)—Maria”).
  2. On the right sidebar, choose the “Project Type” as it is designated on the weekly schedule (i.e. “TWO: WAR” or “SIX: ENVIRONMENT”)
  1. Post your project in the big box on the screen. If you are linking to a Youtube video, soundcloud file, etc. you must paste the “embed” (iframe) code in this box, and it should automatically embed the video or sound file in your post.
  1. Publish your post.

how to publish_MUS261