There is no medium anymore

While Jean Baudrillard’s piece was very confusing, one of the most clear depictions to me was how in today’s society there is no mediums anymore.

“We are no longer in the society of spectacle, of which the situationists spoke, nor in the specific kinds of alienation and repression that is implied. The medium itself is no longer identifiable as such, and the confusion of the medium and the message (McLuhan) is the first great formula of this new era.  There is no longer a medium in the literal sense: it is now intangible, diffused, and diffracted in the real and one can no longer say that the medium is altered by it.” (Baudrillard, 30)

This passage is clear about how Baudrillard thinks that there is no longer a medium.  He is referring to our time and our current society and I believe he is right.

Everything is accessible all the time in our society.  Knowledge is at your finger tips with google and other search engines, as well as almost all technology having the capabilities to mimic each other.  There are so many different ways to go on the internet and bask in the capabilities of it alone, which makes the medium obsolete.  I can go on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, watch a movie or a tv show, play a game, read a book, do almost anything that requires a medium, except I can do it with every medium.  Computers, iPads, phones all pretty much have the same functions except little differences here or there.  TV’s and gaming consoles are increasing in their technological ability to the point that soon (or already in some cases) they will be able to search the web, and do everything these other devices can.  Sure one could say that phones are different and that you can’t call with a computer or tv, but what about FaceTime? What about Skype?  I can call people and have a literal face to face conversation without the use of a cell phone, but I can also do it with.   The connectivity of these devices is eliminating the medium in our society to the point that there isn’t one.  For now, it’s possible to make an argument about technology here or there to say that what I’m saying isn’t true.  But the deeper we get into this path, the more advanced our technology gets, the closer we get to the medium not mattering.  If cars can have computers in them now, what’s to say that the future couldn’t hold computers having cars inside of them??

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