In Beijing

image1Hello from the rooftops of the Dongcheng district, where even on the other side of the planet and 12 hours ahead, I’m thinking of you! The blog (as you can see) is now up and running. I’ll put up a proper post for our Thursday reading (Ong and LeGuin) tomorrow.

It’s been a bit of an adventure using the internet here because of the so-called “Great Firewall of China,” which blocks many western sites including Google and Gmail, which Bard mail has migrated over to use. But thanks to some workarounds at the site where I was based for the first part of my trip and our pals over in Bard IT, I’ve been able to stay in touch…even if it’s meant a return to using Yahoo search. On the one hand, it’s reminded me of how much I depend on a narrow set of  American-based apps and services, and also reminded me of what a luxury it is to be able to navigate around the internet at my leisure.

I heard wonderful things about your Tuesday session from our heroic guest instructors, and am looking forward to talking about it with you when I get back!

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