In this multi-part project, the members of Intro to Media are designing and publishing their own HTML sites using GitHub. These sites will include About Me and Image Essay webpages that require basic HTML skills, engage with Web 1.0 aesthetics, sample from classmates’ pages, and practice what it might mean to make an argument or claim without relying on traditional written text. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to explore the potential of hand-coded HTML as part of a liberated, critical media practice.


Artist Olia Lialina’s essays “The Vernacular Web” and “The Vernacular Web 2,” which we are reading for the class, may inform the nature and aesthetics of working with hand-coded HTML.


Assignments with due dates: 

HTML assignment

Code Poem Assignment (examples here, here, and here)


Our sites:

EsmeChloe, Freddie, Lindsey, Blythe, JessJewel, Nick F, Djimon, PrestonPuceSebastian, IsabelleEliza, JohnSadie, NoahNick SMaggie



For each of these, check the page source (for instance, in Chrome, go to View –> Developer –> View Source) to find full instructions.

Doing things with text

Including multimedia

Sample About Me page


Examples of image essays from the web

[note: most of the examples are of an artistic nature; this is by no means required]:

–“Squiggles, Trees, Ribbons, and Spirals: My Collection of Women’s Health, Beauty, and Support Group Logos as the Stages of Life in Semi-Particular Order” by Shana Moulton
–“Woman In Kitchen” by Martha Rosler
–“Stock Photography Watermarks as the Presence of God” by Kevin Bewersdorf
Cosmic Chillin Essay by Caitlin Denny and Parker Ito
Eilis McDonald for jstchillin