Group D Anomymity

I first want to bring up my sense of confusion or lack of correct understanding on the connection between the ability of anonymity on the Internet and Transgender, Non Gender, POC. As a straight white male I’m very cognizant to the fact that I have bias, or a lack of ability to understand some of these connections based on personal experience or connection that I simply don’t have or can’t feel, and I think that is important for me to be aware of when trying to understand the connection.
I guess I don’t really understand how people can generalize and say that it is easier to feel safer online than offline, except for the obvious separation of physical contact of people face to face and contact behind a screen. I think that the Internet can be a very easy place to feel uncomfortable or reach hate or judgment. I believe it is easier to avoid or maneuver around the hate or judgment on the Internet, but I think that process can be similar copied in the real world by being a recluse and limiting social interaction.
What brought some light into my understanding of the connection that people categorized in these ways to the Internet and its anonymity is in the last paragraph in the Code Poetry Library conclusion of Shifting Futures: Digital Trans of Color Praxis “I have proposed the shift as a form of movement that transgender, transsexual and gender-non-conforming people of color use for safety. These modes of being between visible and invisible have particular relevance for contemporary necropolitical situations which seek to restrict movement in order to ensure death for trans people of color.”
An example I do find applicable and arguable is that a person of LGBQT or POC can feel threatened when they go into a store to buy a certain thing and someone attempts to oppress them or judge them and as result the person feels unsafe, so they choose to go online shopping instead because they are invisible or in reality are alone or separated from the possibility of conflict with another person.
So I guess I can relate anonymity to safety and understand how feeling anonymous or hidden to outsiders can feel safe or comfortable, and then relate safety to LGBQT/POC because I do believe that there are situations where people can be put on the edge or have a feeling or perception of being judged. But I guess I’m struggling to directly correlate LGBQT/POC to just anonymity. I guess I have a strong emotional understanding or connection towards gender that I don’t really believe someone can declare himself or herself neither a man nor woman in the sense that they are now anonymous because they don’t want to characterize themselves as one or the other so they choose to just be anonymous. I just have a hard time agreeing with that and then generalizing the connection between anonymous users of the internet, and then people who want their gender or race to be anonymous.
This is a subject that is very confusing to me and really hurts my head when I think about it, I guess I tried to express my feelings and beliefs in this blog post, but at the same time I’m not really satisfied with my answer because the response is so complicated, and relates to different people in different ways, and I don’t think I have a really great grasp on the problems these groups of people face.

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