group B: fan culture as a metaverse

The conflict between corporate interests and grassroots fandom makes a lot of sense to me in the way that both worlds interact within each other. The world of business is based on physical interactions, face to face, symbolized by the business-deal handshake. The world of fandom on the other hand engages with itself in a way that is far from the physical. For example, my partner used to engage with the world of fanfiction and for a long time had interactions, via tumblr or instagram, with people they never actually met but felt very close to through their online community. I think the miscommunication on the corporate side, as referenced in the Jenkins chapter, is that for an entity that functions in a very fraternal way to encounter what both parties would refer to as geek culture, it would be hard for them to identify how strong of a community has actually been built. Internet fandom is very much a structured community in a similar vein to the metaverse in Snow Crash, except Stephenson had to describe a literal virtual reality to show us what he wanted to talk about. I don’t think that is necessary, in that if you described a fanfiction website, or any social site for that matter, to someone with no understanding of the internet (“it’s a place where lots of people from all over the world can go to share stories and meet people”) it would sound far more physical than it really is. The virtual reality component of Stephenson’s metaverse seems novel because its something that doesn’t quite exist, but also because its really just a pretty surface put over something that already does exist. A spatial representation of the internet isn’t really necessary for engaging with the web because it has already significantly altered out perception of space and how we imagine engaging with it physically.

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    Thanks nhóm sub. Chỉ cần không drop là Ä‘£áÆ»°c, delay tí cÅ©ng không sao. Chờ đợi là hạnh phúc mà hihi

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