Final Project Writing Due: Dec 9 at noon

Hello, this is a notice of a general extension on the final project writing, which is now due at noon on Friday, Dec. 9 to Aspinwall 306.

Please remember that it should be at least 3 full pages for individuals, 4 for groups of two, in addition to the bibliography. Be sure to take an appropriately scholarly tone, as I will read this statement as your final word on the project.

The statement must:

  1. Identify the question you’re addressing
  2.  State your argument in the project
  3. Engage maturely with 2-3 theorists or critics that we have read in this course. Describe what elements of their writing come into play in your project, and explain how or where they appear in your project (essentially, close-read your own piece). Quoting relevant excerpts from their writing is strongly recommended.
  4. Describe each group member’s contribution to the project (for groups)
  5. Include a bibliography

Ideally, I’d like you to include at least a sentence or two about why you chose the medium that you did for this question and argument.

I look forward to reading them!

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