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The word canon seems pretty important  in the comic world. But what happens when stories become so available among different platforms that the word canon becomes arbitrary?  Lets look at Marvel for example. Marvel is a company that has been on the covers of original comics  for decades, and not all authors of the same comic series have been loyal to the original plot. Taking Marvel for example, one major company, Marvel(owned by Disney) , was gave rights to their comic plots to Sony Pictures.  And now we have two versions of the same universe in the movie theaters, Iron Man/Avengers/Captain America and and the X Men series. All the while, we have new comics coming out concerning the same universe and some similar story lines. At some point, when choosing what story is canon and what is not, the lines become blurred.

For example, there is a series of X Men in which Quicksilver has a romance with Scarlet Witch in the Ultimates 3 series. It had already been iterated in the comics before that these two were brother and sister (pretty hefty character choice). Not many people who were loyal to the original comics enjoyed that bit either.   When X Men gets put on the big screen by Marvel and Sony, and thats never iterated again. Incest probably would not have sold well in theaters.  Now although the writer for that comic did make the story under the Marvel label, and it was widely published enough to wind up in comic stores and the hands of X-Men fans. That version of the story was almost completely rooted out and ignored for the most part. Even though that was agreed upon by the masses as a whole, there were still stark differences between the characters in the films. But I mustn’t spoil. At this point, with the same story being projected and changed and bought and sold, the viewer is left with the choice to not only make their own story via FanFiction, but choose from the many mainstream versions and universes which has more perks than downfalls. One can write comics about people of color like Riri Williams (new Iron Man)  that can gain a huge following and support from people of other realms of Marvel like the live action Iron Man himself Robert Downey jr. These community overlaps can make the imaginary world quite interesting and malleable compared to before which can be taken to one’s advantage.

Robert Downey Jr and

Riri Williams

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