Adobes New Age of Authenticity

This video aims at analyzing the new digital media application world, specifically Adobes Photoshop and Illustrator. This “new” updated form of mechanical reproduction is incredibly effective and revolutionary in the media world. I believe that these applications have an image or representation of infringing upon the lines of authenticity or realness, but I am challenging not only that belief but also challenging a mentality that Walter Benjamin proposed. “The presence of the original is the prerequisite to the concept of authenticity” I am not dismissing this claim, but challenging its reach in the new framework and capabilities of the new tool for mechanical reproduction/production, and its meaning with presence. This argument intersects with another main idea that I believe supports my claim is Mcluhan’s thoughts on the medium or application of a piece of work in relation to its meaning, “ the medium is the message”. I think that this understanding is essential in breaking down the message or meaning an application like photoshop produces when creating an image. I Think its hard to understand the paradoxical application photoshop creates because its obviously has the capabilities and association with editing truthfulness with humans. Editing models and creating “fake” imagery to highlight images does walk on the line of breaching “authenticity” of a specific image, but at the same time I believe creates a new authenticity that is unique to the capabilities and meaning behind utilizing the technical tool of “photoshop” or whatever “insert here” application you use, and the final product it creates, which at the end has its new formed authenticity. I also believe the utilization of screen capture for the video brings to light the authenticity of manually having to utilize specific tools in the applications to create a final image, that the image just does not come to fruition mechanical but that it manually has to be created, but yet at the same time exposing its capabilities and “magic” or “fakeness” that is associated with its tools that people believe infringes on the previous image’s authenticity.

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