The Martian Master Plan

Designer statement

My utopia is one where no one needs to work.  First and foremost my utopia is based on the idea that people would be happier in a society where they can choose what they want to do in life without having to worry about the basic necessities of life.  I try to bring this about by making a world and society where all the things people need and want can be produced through automation.  With out the need to produce or acquire the basic necessities of life people can then turn to doing whatever it is they want.  Here automation can also help by providing  what people need to do whatever it is they want and by helping them do it if they desire.  The purpose of my utopia is not to create a world where no one works but rather to create a world where each person can work at what they want, or not work at all if that is what they want.

This utopia completely changes the relationship that people have to the things that society produces and completely changes how people function in society.  This is why I chose to put my utopia on Mars.  There I could create a society as large as I wanted and as different as a wanted without needing to worry about the process of transition from the old system or the problem of who lived on the land currently occupied by the utopia.  A new planet seemed like the best place for a fresh start.  I also think that putting my utopia on a new planet very clearly signals that I want it to be a very different place.

I would say that the biggest inspiration for my utopia are utopias in the vein of Thomas More’s Utopia or Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland.  Works featuring societies that were imagined from the base up and were never truly thought of as places that could really exist someday.  Thus I did not focus on making sure that my utopia was a feasible one.  It is a thought experiment about what a society could look like if it used automated labor to the greatest extent.  Ideally it would be a utopia where everyone was happy and pursuing  their dreams or doing whatever would make them most happy in life.  It would be a place where no one ever asked “what do I need to do” but instead “what do I want to do”.  If life on earth is river that pulls you along with it where ever it flows the life on Mars is lake where you can swim where ever to like.  The worst case scenario is of course the robots killing everyone.  I do not know how that would happen though.



Mars will be a new kind of place, a society unlike any in which humans have lived before.  On Earth one must work to live.  Unless of course you have enough money, which is all too often amassed from the work of others.  Leisure is a privilege, along with a secure future and the ability to do what you want rather than what you will be paid for.

On Mars all of the necessities of life and human society can be automated.  Everyone will be secure in knowledge that, no matter what they do, they will have as much of everything they need.  The greatest challenge of life will be to find what to do with it.  With both the individuals and the society they live in freed from the bonds of necessity the people of Mars can, with the help of automated labor, look towards living happy lives rather than just towards living.

All people on Mars will be guaranteed:

-A place to live, food to eat, water to drink, etc.  All of the necessities of life not just to the barest extent but to the extent that the individual desires.  In no way shall the people of Mars be differentiated in their access to these things.

-The benefit of the automated labor on which Martian society is based and the capacity to use some of its products for their own ends.


Broadside in the form of a letter inviting the people of earth to come to mars.

Dear people of Earth,

We are building the future on Mars.  A new world with a new society built on the principle that no one should be made to work and that each person should be able to live the life they want.  On Mars everything a person could need is produced through automation and freely available to all.  No one will ever need to fear for the security of their future.

Here you can feel free to live life at a slower pace with all the rest and leisure you desire.  Do what you want at your own pace and live the happiest life you can.  We invite you all to come to Mars, where the future is being built, where anyone can follow their dreams and live a life doing what they truly want.


In the Hopes that you will join us,


First president of the Assembly of Mars.


Master Plan diagram

Building detail

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