The Utopian college is a space of EQUALITY and COMMUNITY which facilitates respect for every member of the community; the utopian college is for everyone. Often, a college is viewed as a space for students that is made functional by a working faculty and staff. However, we will change the way that a college is viewed and interacted with. We see a utopian college as oughting to be for everyone who contributes to the functioning of the college. Open the doors! Make this education accessible to everyone. The college is looking for students and staff that are committed to maintaining bard as a free and safe place to think. We will also encourage visibility of the members of this society in order to recognize all the different components and functions of our larger space. Staff will not be underappreciated; notoriously underpaid workers will have compensation that represents the hard work they do. The main values this manifesto puts forward are equality and community. These values will make Bard a better place by improving the experience of ALL members of the community.



  • Tuition, room and board, health services, and proper food free for all students
  • Accessible education to everyone who is a part of our college community
    • Physical accessibility
  • Outreach to surrounding community
    • Free and advertised lectures, performances, and screenings
  • Higher wages for bard academic AND non-academic faculty
    • Allow workers to unionize without obstruction
  • Mandatory training on how to exist in the community/ how it functions during L&T
  • Bard students and workers on board of admission. Community members will help decide who will be future members of the community.


We decided to put up our broadside in Kline because it is the space on campus where students and staff have the most regular contact.

  • OPEN THE DOORS, 2018. Photograph by BONES. Team: Coco, Paloma, Jane, Ty.

    OPEN THE DOORS, 2018. Team: Coco, Paloma, Jane, Ty.

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