My utopian family relies on a common goal which is maintaining and making use of the safe space to grow the individual. The emphasis is on supporting the development of each member so that everyone may continue into the rest of life knowing moral behavior and cooperation. My utopian family is loosely based on blood relation but relies on the effort and cooperation of the family members for its stability. This family is made up of two parents and at least two children. The two parents share the role of the primary caretakers of the family while the children support them in those roles through cooperation and use of their own skills to do things for themselves. The parents support the children in learning necessary skills like cooking, cleaning, plumbing, driving, etc., as a part of this process of growth that the family mutually supports each other in. Other people (children or adults) may be brought in if agreed upon by all members of the family(not only the parents). It is important that all the family members are willing to play a part in nurturing, teaching, and encouraging that new person. The family holds itself together with solid relationships and cooperative care in order to build good moral behavior. However, familial love is not unconditional and my model of the ideal family does not deny that. Members of the family are bound to leave due to the natural occurrence of dispute and argument leading to broken relationships or unsafe and immoral behavior. Family members leave and come back, this is the natural state of the family and the home. The GOAL of my utopian family is to minimize that issue by creating a safe space that facilitates good relationships through cooperation and peaceful interaction by making it a habit.

The rules/goals of the home:

  1. Peacefully respect all family members.
  2. Facilitate and encourage growth and understanding for yourself and others.
  3. Cooperate with one another.
  4. Be truthful/honest

The model of my utopian family is made up of two parents and at least two children, plus other members young or old that the family brings in. A two-parent household is ideal because it can ensure the financial stability of a household although other members who stay in the home past the age 21 contribute financially according to their income. Ideally, there is a minimum of two children in a home in order to teach the children how to share and live alongside someone their own age. Everyone in the home has their own room and shares a bathroom with only one other person. The kitchen is fully accessible to everyone capable of operating in it safely. Children old enough are taught to cook for themselves to minimize the amount of cooking that the parents and other family members have to do while allowing the child to understand adult life outside of the household. The aim of this structure is to provide equal care to the individuals of the house and further their development as people and as members of a larger community which is the world.

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