Mar Master Plan



My Utopia is centered around the retaking of land for the purpose of restoring equality. The space I chose to rebuild into a utopia is currently Valparaiso Chile. The focus of this mater plan is mostly on the area near to the water. My Utopia has two public beaches and two public parks near the water. There are train tracks the run behind the beach an in front of the park. The train that runs along the coast is for distribution of goods. On the beach and in the parks I’ve put meditation gardens. Along this coastline there is a port which imports goods from around the world and exports what we have in plenty of which is fruits and vegetables, and seafood, as well as copper, wood, and paper. Behind the parks and industrial area is an avenue where most people in the city come for their basic everyday material needs and activities. Along the avenue there are two healing centers, two spiritual centers, two restaurants, six markets, three communal kitchens, a public shelter, and my Monument to Knowledge:

  • Healing Center – A space where anyone regardless of insurance policy or citizenship status can be seen by an educated professional about a medical issue.
  • Spiritual Center – A safe space where anyone regardless of religious affiliation/spiritual connection may come to pray or meditate
  • Restaurant – A health conscious restaurant located close to the markets and communal kitchens to avoid a spatial disconnect from those who can go out to eat versus those who can only afford to make their own food.
  • Communal kitchens – Building with multiple kitchen areas where anyone can make food in the space for free and perhaps eat it across the street at the park etc.
  • Markets – From fruits and vegetables to meats/seafood and baked goods to basic necessities like toothpaste and shampoo.
  • Public Shelter – A safe space for any individual to spend the night comfortably.
  • Walking Bridges – These walking bridges are durable; made almost entirely out of metal. The steps will have panels of white wood which is cool to the touch of bare feet. These bridges allow members of this community to step off the grass in the park and step into the warm beach sand.
  • Currently there is mostly large industrial and/or corporate buildings that are all at least 4 to five stories tall. Because of the way that they block the view of the water for the people who work centrally and some residents who live closer to the water, the buildings need to be replaced by these one story functional and accessible buildings. I am planning out this area near the water to not block any views of residents by making the first few rows of blocks to only have one story buildings. Also, currently there is limited access to the beach and few other public spaces which is what aim to fix by including the public beaches and parks.


  • Located the west coast of South America, Mar is known for trade by means of the functioning port and train. We export fruits and vegetables, seafood, even copper, wood, and paper from the port. The train that runs along the coast also diverges to Santiago (a popular tourist destination and the largest city in Chile).


Index table:

MG – Meditation garden

IIIII – Walking bridge

MTK – Monument to Knowledge

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