Knowledge, Linkage, and Accessibility

The aspects of knowledge that we chose to focus on in designing our model were ideas of accessibility, linkage/ communication, and contribution. It was important to us that people would be able to enter the space of our monument, as we wanted knowledge to feel both accessible to everyone and open to contribution from everyone.

The foil on our monument represents a mirror, which serves to reflect the viewer in the space. As such, the viewer contributes to the production of knowledge in that their presence manipulates and changes the space. The multi-colored strong represents communication between institutions and individuals, institutions and institutions, and individuals to individuals (the larger bodies are institutions and the smaller bodies are individuals).

In our Monument to Knowledge, we wanted to create a space where institutions and individuals could communicate and contribute equally.

We feel that questions of accessibility to knowledge are often grappled with, but questions of contribution are not. Typically, what we consider to be knowledge comes from an institution, be it the academy, a governing body, etc. The goal of our Monument was to combat this idea that knowledge can only be produced by a few institutions, and instead celebrate the idea that anyone can contribute to the production of knowledge.

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