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The ideal family, logically, would be the family that most adequately fulfils the roles allotted to it. So, what is the role of the family? Well first, the family exists, as we now, as the first social relationship/bond that people find themselves in after they are born. It usually consists of those who are genetically related to you, but it is not limited to that. One could be adopted for example. So, if its not genetics it must be something else that binds you to the family. And that relates back to the purpose of the family, which is to socialize the newest members of society, within the confines of the bubble that the family is, in preparation to be an individual in larger society and the world. Ideally the family will instill the values that will lead the individual to live a “virtuous” life. So, what is this “virtuous” life that the family is to facilitate. A virtuous individual is one whom is true to themselves and one who does not shirk away from the trials of life, nor who merely accepts it but instead it is those who when offered the less noble easier path they do not hesitate to take the more difficult one.

House Values
– Liberty
– Equality
– Justice

The ideal structure of the family should consist of two paternal figures a father and a mother. Multiple children, around three or four, would be optimal because with one child they do not have siblings around their age to socialize with and with two it is possible that the older will dominate the younger child. The actual physical space should consist of all the amenities need for survival. The home itself should be modest and not luxurious as to leave room for the desire to improve and strive for more. The actual structure of the family and the home only play a limited role though. What is most important is the social relationship between its members. Healthy social relationships means a stronger family, a family that can fulfil its obligation to socialize its members.

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