Communication and Community

The rooftop of House, 2018. Photograph by Eboni Grooms

Layout of House, 2018. Photograph by Eboni Grooms



Environment Surrounding House, 2018. Photograph by Eboni Grooms

My ideal family is one that focuses on communication and spending time together. It seems that most problems families have nowadays stemmed from a lack of communication among members. Oftentimes, people don’t really stop and listen to what other people are saying or give the opportunity to let other people speak and most people speak to respond and don’t actually listen. In order to fix familial problems, members must communicate emotions clearly.  There is also the problem of power dynamics within families. Children often think that parents try to manipulate their feelings through threats and that leads to more conflict within the family.

I designed my house to help the family living in it develop as a community and as individuals. I believe that fostering and living in a community is important for the development of soft skills, such as social and emotional intelligence, listening, non-verbal and verbal communication, and negotiation. I showed this with the feeding of each bedroom into the common space and the fact that there is only one entrance and exit. This is also the reason I put the houses next to each other with a city center in the middle. Although I want to kind of force the fostering of community within a household, I also believe it is important that people develop as an individual, which I think I reinforce with the separation of bedrooms, instead of having one big open layout. Also with the power dynamic thing, I wanted to incorporate a shape that evens out the distribution of power in a space. That is why both the common space and the rooftop outside area are circles.

House Rules:

  • Once a person is 18, they must move out of the house to go to college. There they will find people who may or may not develop a family like friendship with. I think when people find a family that isn’t blood-related, it is a matter which energies find and compliment each other. That is the way people find a proper balance to their relationships.
  • Once you’ve developed a proper relationship with about 4 other people, you may apply to live in a housing complex. A committee will then place your family in a City Center based on your interests.
  • Once a house is established, a family must have family dinners at least 3 times a week
  • There is to be one community dinner once a month in the city center

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