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Family-Style Classroom

We wanted to create an environment with natural light where everyone can be seen and heard. By using one large table we are forced to sit next to each other which fosters community. The proximity of the students allows for them to participate without having to speak loudly or turn around. The professors sit along with the students at the table, but they are also free to get up and lecture. If the professors decide to hold a lecture, the students can transform the modular table to allow for all the students to view the board and professor. -Augusta Spiro Jaeger, Brittany Tucker, Mia Quinn, Alec Waters, Guobin Yue

The Dynamic Hexagon

A table formation which facilitates discussion between students in an attempt for comments to be directed towards the group rather than the professors, who are on the same plane as the students and are integrated opposite each other in the classroom formation. This classroom format is intended to give students access to engagement, while the corners of the hexagon allow those who wish to participate silently to do so in a manner where attention is deflected off of them. Professors are meant to sit across from each other at different ends of the hexagon for equal engagement for all students. The open hexagon promotes flexibility as both students and professors can move throughout the center easily. We wanted all students to be able to face one another for better communication of ideas throughout the classroom

Individuality + Unity

The role of this classroom experiment was to develop a model of a space which upheld the values of flexibility, equality, and spatial awareness while also remaining functional. Our group decided to create an open-ended classroom model which was made up of tables pushed towards the walls and chairs floating in the center of the room. This allows for personal space while also creating a sense of mobility, vulnerability, and an egalitarian dynamic. This arrangement allows for personal preference, allowing students to choose either a chair by itself, a desk, or the floor – creating an equal access to conversation.

Sketch of the Ideal Classroom

Original Classroom Layout