Big Pink

My ideal family would be a community made up individuals who desire to live sustainably and self-sufficiently though recognize value in living amongst a small community of neighbors. The members of this small community would each have their own interests and skill sets which are largely-self taught and continue to develop regardless of whether or not those around them share similar interests. The members of this community may or may not be blood-relatives. Any individual desires to be a part of a family which rarely has to look to the aid of the consumer-market for their necessary goods is welcome in my ideal family. While this family would be reliant on the ability for its members to use their skill-sets to support the entire community, those who are unable to work, physically or mentally, are equally welcome.

This family would be without a singular leader and could only function with the cooperation of invested members who, individually, can act to remedy faults they may find in the community. I am certainly influenced by elements of agrarian communism, as most of the goods produced, and certainly all food, would be accessible to the members. Meals would be shared together in the main house, which would be pink, and referred to as Big Pink. The communal space in the main house would also house the family’s meetings as well as the school for our family’s children.


A short questionnaire for an open house, for anyone or anything petitioning to join the

household; or the house rules.

  1. What values are you looking for from your community?
  2. Do you have any past experience in communal living? If yes, what were some elements of your community which you appreciated?
  3. How would you define family?
  4. What are some aspects of your relationships to your “family” do you appreciate most?
  5. Please describe how you would resolve conflict, both big, but also small. For example, if there was a lull in community call to action, whether it be tending to the grounds, cooking means, etc. etc., how would you approach finding solutions/ bring it up to your community members?

I began thinking about my ideal family by considering what aspects of my own family I really appreciate. I am interested in the idea of having communal meals. I am also interested in each person having the day to spend as they like it, so long as they contribute to the wellbeing of the community as best they could. I would not want social interaction to be facilitated by any specific parties, intentionally, though I would hope that events and parties would happen often. Our bond would mostly be one of location and necessity of trade as to enable our shared desire of living in a pastoral context with the ability to decide what we consume and how we impact our environment. Our familial aspect would be evident in that we are dependent on each other for sustenance and survival, as well as emotional and intellectual support in that our community, ideally, is far from any major city. The element of interdependency between the community members would instill an aspect of pragmatism; working together to create a small society which fulfills our physical, artistic, and intellectual needs.

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