Author: Colette Goupil

Big Pink

My ideal family would be a community made up individuals who desire to live sustainably and self-sufficiently though recognize value in living amongst a small community of neighbors. The members of this small community would each have their own interests and skill sets which are largely-self taught and continue to develop regardless of whether or not those around them share…

An Impression, Pen on Folder, 2018


An Impression, Pen on Folder, 2018 Coco Goupil

This map of More’s Utopia is meant to provide the viewer with an understanding of the island’s geography, the layout of the Utopian cities and the farm land surrounding them, and an illustration of who these lands belong to. The frontal perspective used to depict the Utopians and their tools is botched by a birds-eye view of the place they inhabit. This map focuses on the uniform living-quarters surrounding the civic, city center, as well as the importance of skill and labor to the identity of Utopias inhabitants.