A Family and a House

The most important part of an ideal family is the bond that holds the people in it together.  Its members must be held together by mutual trust, respect and concern for each other’s well-being.  It must be a connection that cannot easily be broken.  No squabble or petty insult is a threat to the bonds that tie this family together.  For these bonds to form the family cannot be too large, perhaps thirty people at most.  Everyone must know each other well.  This bond allows for the family to be a harmonious unit of people that live together both respecting the needs and wishes of the individuals and of the family as a whole.  The people in the family can be any age as the relationship between the members of the family is the most important factor.  When all members know each other well enough to truly understand how to make all feel at home in the family.  It is also important that membership within the family is completely voluntary, everyone is there because they wish to be.  The family and the house that it lives in (because this project calls for a family and a house the implications of a family not living on the same house will be tabled) should serve as a kind of stable base for the people within it.  It should support them and provide a secure, comfortable and happy place to rest.  The family is a partially self-contained unit that serves to support its members.  It is important that each member of the family is willing to help the others and actively looks for ways to do so.



One of the most important features of the house is the separation between the personal spaces and the communal space.  A family cannot be an all-encompassing feature of an individual’s life.  They will likely require, or simply desire, a space of their own over which they have control.  This separation of the individual and the communal can be seen as something of an architectural manifestation of the importance of satisfying both individual and group needs of the family.  The function of the robot is in many ways to prevent a clash of individual wants and group needs.  No individual need ever do a task which is necessary but undesirable.  The robot can do it instead.  The separation of the individual from the group is not total though there are not locks between the communal space, and thus the rest of the family, and the individual spaces precisely so that the family must be trusted to respect the individual and their space and so that they can override the individuals desire for seclusion if they think it is necessary.  The family must be trusted to act in the best interest of its members.  The inclusion of a garden is in part to reinforce the idea of the family being partly self-sufficient and in part to provide fresh produce.  An important feature of the common area of the house is that all of its parts must serve some kind of common function.  It is never a part of the house for just one or a few people but for all people in the family.  The existence of these common spaces also allows for regular interactions between all of the members of the family that will maintain the bonds between them.  The guest rooms are there so that guest can stay at the house without having to impose on the space of any of the individuals in the family.  Another important feature of the house is that there is much room for each individual and each family to create a space that is suited to them.  Families and people can be very diverse and it is important for the family and the house to be able to take many diverse forms to accommodate that.  Finally as the family is a partly self-sufficient unit so is the house.  It is completely unreliant on its surroundings and its only interactions with them are through the comings and goings of those who live in it.


Rules of the house

-Do your best to make this the best house it can be for the family.  Make sure that everyone always feels welcome and safe.

-Do your best to improve the lives of everyone in the house.   Help each other as much as you can.

-Respect the spaces of individuals each person can set the rules of their own spaces as they wish and these rules should be respected.

-Respect the communal space it is there for everyone.

-The robot can only do one thing at a time make sure that it is using its time in best ways possible.


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