Final Project: Soundwalk Redux


Begin by considering the format and content of your revised soundwalk. Design a soundwalk that makes a critical contribution to the idea of a “soundwalk.” Your critical contribution may come in form of content and/or format. As part of your thinking process, consider how a soundwalk may speak to our class theme: “geographies of sound.”

You should write a polished 300-500 word Artist Statement (similar to what you composed for your midterm project) in which you engage with an idea (or cluster of ideas) from readings done this semester. You should clarify, in your Artist Statement, how these ideas motivate your “soundwalk redux” project. The artist statement should be posted on the course blog along with any sonic and/or visual component of your soundwalk.
Please post your final (revised) project on the course blog no later than Monday, May 16 at midnight.

You can download the PDF of this document here.