N.B.! In this class, you will *NEVER* be uploading materials to the course blog as a “Post” — only as a “Project” with the appropriate tags (most often, this will be by name of weekly sound exercise (i.e. Acoustic Penpals, Mixtape, etc.) and your campus). Once during the semester, you will post a Weekly Report, which is tagged differently. See tutorials below for step-by-step instructions.
  1. Midterm Project Guidelines
  2. How to Upload a Project (i.e., weekly sound recording exercise)
    1. Week 3: How to Upload the Mixtape       
    2. Week 4: How to Upload “Representing Difference” (i.e., pinning sounds to MapsMarker)

2. How to Upload a Weekly Report (you will do this *only once* during the semester)

3. SoundCloud support: how to join the class group, upload materials to the group, and embed on course blog.

4. Audacity manual