Murmurs in our heads/Soundpoem

This piece was inspired by the song Tiger lilies “Lonely Schizophrenic”. There is no way to avoid the sounds except pills and space. The voices and sounds that happened to appear in our heads could cause different kinds of consequences and complications mental and physical as well.

How often can we here that somebody had noise in her/his head? Indeed, everybody have it. There are voices, murmur, music, sounds and fragments of somebody’s phrase etc. All that staff that we hear every day is constantly stay in our head. It is a flow of the information useful and useless. People still do not have such an implement which will stop unwanted torrent of endless blank noise.

Even staying at home we are forced to here cars, helicopters, planes, people laughing, crying, speaking, neighbors TV’sets from every side. We ourselves do a lot of sounds: heartbeat, cracking joints, scraping sleepers along the floor. It is impossible to escape from sounds. And all sonic stay at our head.

In the morning when everybody is going to the work we hear all our neighbors. Somebody cleans teeth and washes mouth, somebody prays or invokes. In the street, offices malls all varieties, size and types of sounds immediately come to our heads. Sounds have such a character as being haunting. In this regard the impossibility of staying alone and in silence cause different disorders and frustrations.

The good thing is that human being has natural mechanisms which preserve her/him from the over-rustling. The other thing is that we could enjoy sounds, even if it is very loud. Headphones, concerts and music festivals it is all source of pleasure which came from the chaotic and schizophrenic sonic order. So if we can accept some types of sounds, possibly we can deal with a burning up track under our window in the early morning or our beloved drilling neighbor who tries to outshout his drill.