The Unveiling of Sound

The reason I chose the sounds I used in my poem is because they represent a place and time which can be recognized without the necessity of using your eyes. You are unveiling places without the help of your eyes that is the whole purpose of acousmatics. The word acousmatic comes from the Greek word akousma, which means “a thing heard.” This method was originated back in the times of the philosopher Pythagoras, he was known to give lectures to his students behind a screen so his presence won’t distract the students and just focus on what they are hearing and make it simple for the to process the information. This is the best way in order to train your hearing and make it possible to stay focus and also to be able to hear sounds and recognize their sources. The reason I manipulated some of the sounds is to proof that even by having the sound manipulated the listener will still be able to identify the source of the sound without the need seeing it, let’s say for example something in front of you has been distorted you won’t be able to realize what it is, but with the ability to hear you can easily recognize the source. The message behind this sound poem is for the student to be able to acquire and to develop a better use on their ears and also to improve their concentration and to be able to focus without any difficulties. The reason I used some music on the background is for the previously mentioned, to develop a better skill for the listener and not to be able to get distracted easily. The critical term that influenced my process was acousmatics as previously mentioned, it is the whole idea of unveiling sound without the needs of a watcher.