The Sounds of Jerusalem:

The Sounds of Jerusalem:
The Sounds of Jerusalem is a sound walk that was inspired by Michel de Certeau’s Walking in the City. De Certeau introduced the “idea of swarming masses” under the topic of The Chorus of Idle footsteps; this inspired me to capture the swarming masses that walk in the streets of Jerusalem (Damascus Gate), and present the ever-so diverse singularities mixing amongst each other. I start my sound walk by stepped out of a bus, and slowly making my way around Damascus Gate. Throughout the walk, the rumbling sounds of cars, buses, and motorcycles will fill the atmosphere of the crowded streets of Jerusalem. People talking, laughing, and singing; Merchants shouting in the nearby bazaars; all of these singularities will create a soundscape of what Jerusalem is like. It is the concept of capturing each entity as they walk or drive past me. It’s a simple thing to capture the sound of an object, but there is something more to it than just the sound of that entity. It is the fact that the sounds are objects, that take up space.
They travels from one point to the other, changing the space that it takes up in the crowded city of Jerusalem.

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