Soundwalk under the simplicity of life.

This particular set of sound was chosen under the impact of one of the most famous cities in the world, it might not be one of the busiest, however it is the holy land, the nature of walk is encountered to earn one set of satisfaction, i choose this recording because of the diversity of sounds in one place, in a old ruin area, along side the different spoken languages which share the essence of the Holy land.

A wide range of varieties can be easily heard, the simplicity of the transaction of sounds, as sound flows, you might pick up a few sounds of some merchants selling their goods to all types of people, people are praying, people are laughing. The old city is built in the most interesting architectural work, as it shares a narrow road which is covered with houses on both ends, most streets are covered with houses, however the record was in the local market.

The main purpose that i had in mind when doing such a record was to capture each sound possible which cannot be heard by the natural human ear, mind blowing facts are shown after hearing a sound walk for the first time.¬†After all, I think Jerusalem is part of the, of the world’s heritage.

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