SoundWalk: Final Sounds of Bard.

I decided to do a Bard sound walk paired with a visual pop up map. In these last weeks that I will spend at Bard as an undergraduate, I wanted to take in all of the sounds that the campus could candidly offer. I first decided to take notes on each location in order to remember what sound objects were creating which sounds, but eventually I realized that the sound objects had a lasting impression on my memory. When I played back the sounds, I immediately remembered where I was and what sound was sending sound waves into the recorder. After I finished recording, I then went back and took notes of what sounds were making what noises and created the map according to that. On the map I have symbols of the most memorable noises that I encountered on my walk. On the point where Avery is, there is a picture of music notes because I went into one of the installation rooms and watched while recording. I also heard people recording a song in the studio. In the toasters, I heard guys playing a video game in their room, so on that point on the map, there is a video game controller.
I wanted to account for myself adding to the sounds in my recording, so I added a leaf on the map close to a point where the listener can hear me walking and crunching leaves. I also added a few interactions that I had with people. For example: I would often wait outside of dorms for students to walk in and out so that I could get in. I added a recording of me leaving Robbins to go to Manor, and running into a group of friends who were curious about what I was holding and what I was doing.
Ultimately this sound walk has been about interaction with my environment and surroundings, as well as negotiation as I had to find interesting sounds in spaces that I did not know very well. Sometimes I would go into a building and not know anything about its geography, so I found myself on a hunt for noise. Doors led me to new spaces that introduced me to new sounds. In the end, that is what this entire sound class has been about for me: finding sounds that compel one to get to know a space more intimately. My movements around the Bard campus allowed me to know it one more time, taking the sound object away from its sound, or perhaps taking the sound away from the object and then putting them back together again with this pop up map filled with sound objects that pair with the sound walk.

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