Sounds Are not everything

what is there to focus on the most in this recording. while walking through occupied easy Jerusalem on independence day, there are many things to focus on, the sounds of flags waving through the air, the presence of military aircraft in the sky’s. but there are those who stay silent in these occasions, those that can not celebrate independence day because they have none. in this recording the main thing i wanted to focus on was the silence of me, walking silently through easy Jerusalem, gives identity a whole new understand, the feeling of belonging yet, the feeling of dispossession. In military tactics it is best to stay undercover while behind enemy lines. this is what most Palestinians face every time they cross over into enemy lines.

yet always remember that education is a virtue, for education can be used as a mask. we hide our true identity, and substitute it with one that can be accepted by the once around us. we use a foreign language in order to avid confrontation by the occupier. Yet, till what ends…

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