nada’s sound poem – the power of sounds in palestine

I chose my sound poem around the theme of power which is in hearing like a state, that is done through using modern technologies, the sounds that I chose contained a lot of acoustic space, the sounds reflect a normal Palestinian day that is full of clashes, people protesting in the streets, they are the sounds of a daily report on Palestinian television, you hear the sounds of Palestinians collecting stones, putting some Palestinian motivational songs on about resistance, in preparation for clashes, then you hear sounds of Israeli aircraft, the sounds of people shouting for help, sounds of sirens of ambulance, the sounds of gas bombs, explosion, burning, a sound of journalist telling the news. Sometimes the high volume of those sounds could be like a noise that makes you unable to identify the sources of those sounds.
All of those sounds imply the disturbance, a large noise, concerns, noise, that are mixed with power that gives us knowledge, that the Palestinians go through almost every day, those were the nature of sounds in our state.
In the article of Micheal foucault’s the eye of power, he made the power similar to a machine in its sounds, he said: ‘ it’s a machine in which everyone is caught, those who exercise power just as much as those over whom it is exercised’(99). The power is in everywhere, in all the technologies that we hear and experience in our daily life.
I combined the sounds of church and mosques together to give a unique rhythm and effect to the unity in the state’s religions, and to be besides the sounds of the state itself, those sounds reflect a high acoustic space. So these sounds come up together to give a complete connotation of the sounds in the state. I manipulated the sounds of the rains to give a similar sound of the sounds of drains, I also manipulated the sounds of military trainings to those that are similar to the sounds of scouts training in Ramallah.

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  1. This most of all makes me think of the potency of sonic information over written information. I read about what is happening in Palestine all the time but being able to hear what is happening brings at least some bit of actual experience over to me despite my distance from the location and situation.

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