Loyalty of sound

Things have names, in the same time their sounds is almost close to their names. Like stone, when we hear the sound of stone, it will be extremely close to the name of stone. Therefore sound is loyal never fails its source. Whatever we used to make it down it will be strong and shows itself representing in behalf the thing that caused the sound from. Knock knock.

Nature has a lot of things, stones, water, wind, and metals. When a person hears each of these things sound, it will be easy to connect these names to their originated sources. Even though if a person used those sources to create other things more advanced like doors, iron Gates and plastic clickers, these things will have their origin sounds like iron, but it is more advanced as in order to give the fit advanced sound. So sound will have the origins of things even if it gets more advanced and this is the loyalty of sound.

Mixing these sounds to gather in order to test sound loyalty of each thing will not will deduce the loyalty. Each will have its own sound whatever the effect of other sounds. Each will represent its own self. For example clicking using plastic clickers will show the sound of plastics but more advanced with the source of clicking as well. So sound is loyal for plastic and for the new advanced thing with the clicking as well.


2 thoughts on “Loyalty of sound

  1. I think your sound poem is a great example of rendered soundscape. I really enjoyed reading your artist statement and I thought what you wrote about was well represented in your piece. The sound of the keyboard contrasted with the sound of the clicking stones and other tools , to me, encapsulated your ideas about sound loyalty and authenticity of raw materials.

    1. indeed so. your comment is a good elaboration for my idea so thanks, hopefully i get good time during this weekend so i listen to your work guys 🙂

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