echo is the shadows of reality

My poem is centered on Dautary`s concept of palimpsest as an auditory term. Dautary said that “I’m interested in using a metaphor to help us imagine sonorous objects and auditory experience as layered”. So it seems like he wants to translate palimpsests to something that can be heard. This poem shows how the dominant voice can hide the recessive one, but it cannot make the recessive one vanish or disappear; it makes the formation of a new layer occurs.   same as  the old document which its original writing has been erased and replaced  by new one( palimpsest) ,   so the   combination of the sound in the poem represent the palimpsest in the auditory term  , this poem also includes  echo  and  Repetition of sound which helps to form   a new layer   .  it also  chooses sounds of the demonstration because the Israeli soldiers are trying to shut the Palestinian`s voice down and make the Bombs and the   voice of the fear  is the only voices but that doesn’t work because the Palestinians voice will still there and it will defeat the bombs voice  and form a new  layer.

2 thoughts on “echo is the shadows of reality

  1. I really loved your explanation of this piece, particularly the way that you used Daughtry’s idea of the palimpsest to consider the dynamic between recessive and dominant voices/perspectives as they exist on your campus and in your country. I hadnt thought about what voices get left out in the palimpsest before- I always assumed it was a collection that archives all sounds or visuals equally- Your approach added a really important political perspective.

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