Art Alteration

Sound may vary while walking in different environments. It depends on what is around you and what you are doing. When someone listens to a sound they can easily tell what is going on through that sound. So it’s actually you drawing the image in your head after listening to the sounds that makes you understand what is going on. For instance, in this Soundwalk the shift clearly noticed from a slow quiet base into a very noisy one by the alteration of environment.

I intended to do a comparison between before and now and approached my intention by sounds. Sound as a narrative narrates the surroundings and the environment of that sound which of course, indicates the real desires of a certain source. This is our way in our towns to seek a way to live. If you listen to the soundwalk very closely, you will understand that no matter where you are, you have to find a way to adapt or cope with the environment everyday and every place you are in is a life of survival.

I was motivated by the responsibility of telling the truth about one of art aspects, walking. We are driven to walk both consciously and unconsciously which arouse by feelings that comes from inside. Therefore, I was really concerned about how to approach the reflection of my Soundwalk, revealing how things could function without the intervention of something/someone. By doing so, we must ask ourselves could these things have a different voice if we don’t present/interact within their environment? In his work Careri says “The act of crossing spaces stems from the natural necessity to move out o find the food and information required for survival. But once these basic needs have been satisfied, walking takes on a symbolic form that has enabled man to dwell in the word’

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