Smolny College students introduced to Geographies of Sound


IMG_7905Hi everybody!

We are excited to have finally joined the course!

This is the class of master students in Curatorial Studies, so some of us have already considered the effect of sounds in an art space and for some of us Dear Architects,.. introduced a whole  new sphere of knowledge and expression.

We were thrilled by listening into the projects Al_Quds and Bard campus students and teachers have already uploaded and immersing into new to us sonic spaces.

Since there is a 23 of February, national holiday of Motherland Defenders, awaiting for us, we will be absorbing Week 1 and Week 2 readings and uploading Acoustic PenPals and Mixtape by Monday.

IMG_7906 IMG_7907

1 thought on “Smolny College students introduced to Geographies of Sound

  1. It was our first week with Geographies of Sound and after this class I completetly changed my mind concerning everyday sounds which surrounds me. When after the class, I entered the hall of Metro, it was like a music symphony! It is full of sounds! Scuggling, knocking, a noise of huge amount of voices have it own rhytm, melody and solid dimension.

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