Through Surface

Careri in his influential work describes “The act of crossing (the path as the action of walking), the line that crosses the space (the path as architectural object) and the tale of the space crossed (the path as narrative structure). We intend to propose the path as an aesthetic form available to architecture and the landscapes.” (P.25) when we cross a street, we leave our presence which intervenes with the work of architecture. We observe this act only by the eye of god which we must be able to look from above in order to see the mapping that has been created out of a walk
My walk in the city has a lot to say about the architecture not just as a form of power but also as a way of forming maps. Yes maps, in the sense of drawing lines while walking, I the performer drew the map not because I wanted to , but I had to. Imagine walking in an empty space vs. full space, your movement in the empty space has no restriction and you are free to go wherever you want without any disturbance. But if you walked in that full space, your movement unconsciously is fixed with less available choices. The architecture is vivid in terms of it actually serves a purpose which of course like any other serves its interest on the expense of people.
People define architecture and function as the same way architecture does, by reflecting what hits its exterior.
I was motivated by how architecture can influence one’s behaviour by imposing a system that defies the one’s system. For instance, if a person feels like walking, while walking his walk could be interrupted by existing objects that he will have to change his direction and purpose for it to be clear to him , and that he has the freedom to move in which ever direction he chooses .

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