“Meet Percival the peacock: Defender of chickens, protector of the farm”

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Mark Bergunder, farmer, has proved that there is a holistic and gentle approach to protecting a flock of chickens: enlist the help of a peacock. This infographic is to illustrate what it might look like to have a peacock protecting a flock of chickens roaming around Manor’s grounds.

As reported by Elise Cooper:

Percy not only protects the chickens, he’s pretty fond of their company too, though the egg-laying birds aren’t that impressed by his colourful plume. “It didn’t take long for the chickens to realise that he was no danger at all. Now they mostly ignore him, in spite of Percival showing them his wheel of feathers quite a lot,” Burgunder told Mashable.

According to Bergunder, who discovered the benefits of keeping a peacock near his chickens largely by accident, Percy protects his chickens from birds of prey, such as goshawks, a bird similar to the raptors that fly around Bard’s campus. It is important to note that peacocks are not capable of protecting chickens from predators such as foxes and feral cats. My assertion would be that, if chickens were kept safe at night, it would be unlikely that a fox would threaten itself in the presence of humans, during daylight, though this is up for debate. Perhaps we need Percy and a dog on campus to protect the chickens?

Percy displaying his beautiful plumage:

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