Yes, I am a Female Butcher by Melissa Cortini

Yes, I am a Female Butcher by Melissa Cortini 

Melissa Cortini is a Los Angeles based butcher at Lindy & Grundy and The Cook Family Butcher Shop.  This personal memoir of her life becoming and as a butcher both went into the social issues of a women entering a job considered best suited for men.  She talked about her many issues that she faced with guys that she worked with and for.  She was told of the many times that men told her that she should not or could not work as butcher because she wouldn’t like it or that if she messed up she would be yelled at.

At Whole Foods, where I begged to be transferred to the butcher department so that I could learn basic cuts, I was told more than once that I “wouldn’t like that kind of work.” Once, when I asked the man behind the Huntington Meats counter if he would let me come and work for free, he finally relented, adding, “but you know that if you mess something up, I’m going to yell at you, right? Will you be okay with that?”

She has been very resilient and has reach her goals as a butcher. The article, though, brings up the question: Why are some jobs seen as Nontraditional Occupations for women? How do women break into a professor where they are not given the same opportunities as men? If a women decides to enter into a job that is considered nontraditional what should the response  really be?

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  1. This shop is only a mile from my house, but I’ve never heard of it until now, so I’m glad I got to read this article. I think that especially when it comes to jobs linked to agriculture, people tend to think of these as male careers that a woman doesn’t have the physical power or interest in doing. Why would a woman want to partake in gruesome and laborious butchering? Although Melissa Cortini has clearly faced many obstacles attempting to be treated as an equal to her male peers, I think stories like this are a great way to combat sexist attitudes about jobs. Hopefully, now more people will be receptive to the idea of a female butcher, and other women reading the article may be inspired to go into a similar field.

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