Food and Sustainability Initiatives on Campuses

For my post that relates to my final project, I am looking at the information flow of the UC Davis Food Tech Club.

For my project, I am proposing to investigate the information flows on campus regarding communication around food systems, sustainability and general civic engagement programs. I am going to first analyze the utility of existing information flows, regarding food systems and sustainability, in reference to site popularity, credibility and design, to determine improvements. Then propose suggestions for the current Bard EATS information flows. And lastly, create a singular consolidated database of food and sustainability initiatives on campus.

Why look at the UC Davis Food Tech club as a comparison? UC Davis has the most renowned agricultural program in the country so I went to their online database of agricultural clubs see what the students on their campus are excited about and involved in. I found the food tech club, which redirected me to their Facebook group and Google docs calendar. Their statistics on the front page read: 650 members, 2 posts today, 32 posts in the last 30 days and created 8 years ago. Because it looked very active, I joined the group. Within the group I was granted access to their google docs calendar, which provided me with a calendar of activities for the fall semester. As shown by the facebook group and the googledoc, it is clear that multiple times every week this club, or events related to this club, take place. And at Bard this is also the case. I had no idea so much in relation to food sustainability programs and proposals are constantly going on at Bard until I began taking EUS 305. I have a feeling that the majority of Bard students are oblivious to many of the exciting programs and events on campus. The UC Davis Food Tech Club facebook group and google calendar are great resources for students on that campus to get involved and they present the information in an accessible way. I am beginning to investigate more ways in which we can make information accessible to students at Bard. Discussion questions: How do you find out about events and programs on campus in general? How do you find out about events and programs on campus related specifically to food systems and sustainability (outside of EUS 305) ?

Food Tech Facebook group

Food Tech Calendar Google docs


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  1. This is a really good idea! I’ve had a lot of really similar thoughts. Like with Kline fish I would never eat it because it cafeteria fish… I think my prejudice against cafeteria fish stems from being afraid of being called disgusting for eating cafeteria fish in middle and high school. Ever since that woman from Sea to Table came to talk to our class Kline fish days are my favorite days! I wish I knew about that before and I wish more students knew about the great fish in Kline now!
    I think a Facebook group similar to UC Davis’ would be a great idea!
    I currently find out about clubs and programs on campus through emails that I often overlook or Facebook stuff.
    For food specific events/information at Bard it’s pretty much just poster for me.

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