Elon’s New Electric Semi Truck (Walmart Wants ‘Em)

Elon is at it again. Elon Musk that is, the founder of paypal, and now billionaire “celebrity industrialist” (“‘Elon Musk,’ a Biography,” 2015). Moreover, he is the founder and CEO of Tesla, who just unveiled the release of a new electric semi-truck.

This according to NPR’s “the Two Way,” who reported on last night’s unveiling at 10AM this morning. Bill Chappel, for NPR, explains that production of the truck will begin in 2019, and “those who order the vehicle now will get the truck in two years.”

Why is this important to Bard’s food system? Though transport may not be the leading cause of carbon emissions, sustainable transport is still an important aspect of a sustainable food system. Company’s like Walmart, who have already pre-ordered five electric trucks for the US and ten for Canada, show that this is a great selling point for their company’s reputation (“Retailers to Pilot New Tesla,” 2017).

Would companies like Sysco invest in such technology, Bard could be on it’s way to eliminating transport emissions from its footprint. Especially if renewables were installed on campus to charge said vehicle(s).

It is important to note that electric vehicles, whose charged power is generated from fossil fuels, are slightly more pollutive than diesel-powered vehicles. However, if an electric vehicle is powered by renewables, its gains over the petrol combustion engine in terms of pollution reduction are 6-fold over its lifetime (“How eco-friendly are electric cars?” 2017). Overall, electric vehicles are less polluting than petrol cars, so, regardless, the fact that this change is happening is good news (at least somewhat) for our friends in Puerto Rico.

The NPR article can be found here:

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2 thoughts on “Elon’s New Electric Semi Truck (Walmart Wants ‘Em)”

  1. Thank you for sharing this, as usual interesting news. Since trucking is such a huge part of how things move around everywhere, what a significant impact this could have. So good that Elon is thinking not just of individuals and passenger cars, but also on the industrial level somewhat here.

    As well, it makes me curious to think about whether the standard American car companies are also working on trucks for hauling goods, or just individual passenger cars.

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