Clearing Up the Confusion About Salt

This article focuses on the dietary portion of the S.E.E.D model which I felt my project was lacking in.  I hadn’t even considered using hypertension due to salt levels as an argument for changing to different salt shakers because I was viewing salt shakers and salt as two separate entities.  There is a lot of material to be worked with here.  Jane Brody really focused on our basic daily needs with the sodium intake as well as made suggestions about cutting down our overall salt consumption.  I think my project could reduce Bard’s sodium intake by making salt accessible but not sitting in front of the students.  This current system begs us to put salt on our food before we even try it which adds to our salt consumption.  This article was really helpful.  It actually made me wonder how feasible it would be to reduce sodium input into food at Bard overall.  Would the student body take that change well? How could we make that economically feasible? Salt is a cheap seasoning so switching would require both economic and social shifts.

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