Adding clickable links

One Method: Use the Link Button

First, copy the full URL for the article and paste it into the body of your blog post. Make sure you are using the VISUAL EDITOR tab. Next, highlight the full URL in your post. Then, click the Insert/edit link button on the toolbar:

add a link

Then, Click on the Gear Icon.  gear icon

In the pop-up box that appears: Check the Open link in a new window/tab checkbox.

link open in new window

Click the blue Update button. Then, in the PUBLISH block in the upper right, either PUBLISH your post (or UPDATE it, if you are simply editing the links in an earlier post).

Note: the video and instructions were created using Firefox web browser. Your chosen browser may act a bit differently.

Quick video:

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Students, you will publish articles, video clips and pictures, as well as comment on your colleagues’ posts. This blog is focused on current events related to the farm to institution movement, creating a more sustainable supply chain, and general food and agricultural news.

Please post 1 news article and comment per week. Please use hashtags to identify what part of the supply chain the article or clip relates to. Also provide a description, analysis and question for each post.  Enjoy!