Assignments Distribution

Class Participation | 20%

Identification Quizzes that test you on maps shown in lectures (links will be emailed)
Blog Assignments in which you comment on readings or posts (links will be emailed)
Attendance in class (deduction in grade after 3 unexcused absences)
Participation in class discussions and informal writing exercises at the beginning of discussion classes


Essays | 30%

Three essays will be assigned over the course of the semester.
All prompts will be distributed in class and posted on the blog under the tab: Assignments.

Essay, Part 1: Building a Thesis Paragraph

You will be required to upload your essay to the shared Google Drive. Comments will be provided on the document but the grade will be emailed to you individually. One of the essay assignments will be peer-reviewed.


Mapping Project (Part 1) | 15%

Data Component

Project, Part 1: Building a Data Component

Mapping Project (Part 2) | 25%

Visualization Component


Presentations | 10%

You will present your portion of the digital mapping project to the class on an assigned day at the middle and end of the semester.


Extra-Credit | EH Share Event on May 11 in RKC

Every semester Experimental Humanities hosts a college-wide share event, in which students in EH classes can present their work to a larger EH community of students and faculty. More information will be provided at a later date.