Stevenson Library Guides for Research

Utopia Humanities Forum

The Society for Utopian Studies

Ralahine Center for Utopian Studies

Utopian Studies Journal (available via Jstor)

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Utopia

Collection of Utopian Texts

British Library Utopias

Charlotte Perkins Gilman Society

The William Morris Society

Communal Studies Association

Utopian Studies Society in Europe

In Pictures: Eight Modern Utopias [Forbes]

Intentional Communities Directory

Oneida Community photographs at Syracuse University library

Spaces of Utopia (Faculdade de Letras Universidade do Porto)

utopia and utopianism: Utopian Studies Journal (The University Book)

The Utopian (Alexander Lee, Thomas Meaney, Yascha Mounk)