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Radio Utopia Episode 03: Escape as Reconstruction


This podcast uses Lewis Mumford’s concepts of the Utopia of Escape and the Utopia of Reconstruction as the framework to analyze two projects that may not seem to fit the traditional utopian criteria. Looking at Disney World’s EPCOT Center and Victor Gruen’s Southdale Shopping Mall in Edina Minnesota, this podcast illustrates how two projects that may seem like isolated escapes from reality have subtle functions as reconstructive utopias with effects outside of their escapist forms. These projects don’t intend to supply escape from society; rather, they operate in isolation to redefine elements of the human experience without radically reshaping society-at-large.


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The Ronettes – Paradise (1965)

Boards of Canada – Chromakey Dreamcoat  (2005)

The Beach Boys – Disney Girls (1957)

Kamaiyah – Mo Money Mo Problems (2016)


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