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Work in Progress- Noah Stuber

The Folk-Music Business   The very idea of folk music becoming a business is enough to make any serious folk musician have serious second thoughts. It is a contradictory notion, but folk music does indeed have a business side. Artists like Pete Seeger and Leadbelly were doing paid gigs as early as the 1930’s and 1940’s, but historically speaking, traditional… Read more →

Ethnography Excerpt – Jake Merrell

Reflecting on the experiences of a performing musician who sees music as his or her career, one might anticipate in the general case the heavily glorified poverty and insanity that pervade cultural archetypes of performing artists—certainly not strictly archetypes contained to the Northeast where I am doing my research. With the networks in which I’m researching, many have an intensely… Read more →

Tom Moore Ethnography in Progress

What is popular music? The answer is obvious: music that is popular. Despite that, its shorthand form, “pop music,” draws an almost entirely different image to mind. “Pop music” is bubblegum, commercial, formulaic, etc. yet that definition leaves a massive divide between commercial music and ‘high-art’ music. In between is the creative work of many people who are neither exclusively… Read more →